Shipping and Delivery

+US Shipping Information


Animals will be delivered by a USDA-licensed pet transporter on the next available route via door-to-door air or ground transport. Buyers or authorized receiver must meet with the drivers or nanny  within 15 minutes of arrival, show government-issued photo ID and sign all accompanying forms (USDA Transfer Form and Happy Monkey Ranch contract). 

Thank-you items for eligible donations are shipped for $150-$500 within the US states and territories via USPS First-Class / Priority Mail and typically deliver in 24 hours express and 48 hours normal deliever in the absence of delivery delays. Use our delivery estimator tool to narrow by zipcode. Delivery date and time cannot be guaranteed.


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International Shipping Information


happy monkeys is able to offer international shipping.

Since 2009, we have shipped live animals via various airlines. It may seem daunting if you are new to this process, but it is very simple and fast. I trust your experience and will take great care to ship your baby. The airline transport is much more efficient than long car rides and can often be safer. The handlers of the animals I send out and pick up for the ranch are very attentive and eager to care for them.


American Airlines is the airline we use to fly live animals. You can pick up your baby at your nearest major airport the same day they deliver. Within hours of your departure, your baby will be delivered to you. Your baby will be comfortable in the animal cabins, which are temperature and pressure controlled. Since over 09 years, we have shipped live animals to hundreds of families and institutions. It is faster and safer than driving long distances.

*If flying fur babies is not possible due to weather conditions or other reasons, we also offer. The delivery would take place in person, and the animals would receive full care during the journey.


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Our Process

We accept shipments every day to the airport – After your deposit has been placed, we will contact the recipient via email to verify arrival date and get the nearest serviceable airport. Once we have all the information, we will send you an invoicing for the balance and the transport fee. After the invoice has been paid, the flight can be booked. The invoice must be paid at least 7 days prior to the flight. We contact the airlines to make all arrangements and complete all paperwork. All flight information will be emailed to you by the deadline. Tracking information will be sent to you so that you can track your baby.

We can ship to these airports:

We can ship to all major airports.

How babies are packed

Shipping and Delivery

Before packing your baby for travel, you need to consider weather, size, and airline requirements. There are many shipping containers and kennels we can use. We make every effort to pack your baby in the most spacious way possible. Baby food, water and fruit are packed in a baby’s backpack. In the event of an emergency, we pack enough food to keep them fed for 24 hours. We send 48-hour heat pads to animals that will be traveling to colder climates.

Day of Arrival:

Check-in time for babies is at least two hours before departure. The babies are placed in their kennels, and then they are taken to the airport to be checked in. The flight times and delays are checked at check-in to ensure that there aren’t any changes or delays. After checking-in, the babies are taken to the American Airline Agents.

Pick Up:

The flight information for your baby’s arrival will be provided to you. You will also be notified of the time your baby will arrive. If all flights arrive on time, your baby should be able to be picked-up within 15 to 45 minutes. Each airport has a different pick-up location. Some airports have separate cargo buildings that animals can be transferred to from the plane. Other airports have pick up locations at the baggage claim or ticket counter. In your flight confirmation email, you will find the pick-up location for your flight.

Please contact us to request more information or pictures of your pet.