10 Pet Monkey Breeds to Adopt in USA

10 Pet Monkey Breeds to Adopt in USA compressed - pet monkey breeds

Whether you’re an owner of a pet monkey or a pet owner thinking of owning one, you’ve come to the right place. Pet monkeys are the cutest, cuddliest, and most mischievous creatures. Despite not being domesticated, they are capable of amazing things too. If you love them, be prepared to hear a lot about ‘How to Take care of your Pet Monkeys’! Here is the best and most comprehensive list of pet monkey breeds and their distinctive features.

In the United States, it is legal to adopt a pet monkey. However, You must follow a few restrictions. For example, the monkey must be at least six months old and the adoption must be done through an accredited animal shelter or rescue organization.

Are monkeys good pets to adopt

There are many pet monkey breeds, each with its own personality and characteristics. Some of the best pet monkey breeds include the rhesus macaque, spider monkey, and tamarin. These monkeys are social animals that enjoy interacting with people and other animals. They make good pets because they are intelligent and playful, but also require a lot of attention. Monkeys can be difficult to potty train, so it is important to have someone who is experienced with handling monkeys as a pet if you decide to adopt one.

How much do monkeys cost?

Monkeys cost anywhere from $50 to $1,000. The price depends on the size and age of the monkey, as well as where it was bred.

There are many different pet monkey breeds that are available for adoption in the United States. The price of a monkey will depend on its size and age, as well as where it was bred. Some of the more popular pet monkey breeds for adoption include capuchin monkeys, rhesus macaques, and spider monkeys.

10 Pet Monkey Breeds To Adopt

Pet Monkey Breeds - Chimpanzee


Chimpanzees are one of the most popular and intelligent animals in the world. One of the most endangered species, they are also one of them. These animals are considered to be very smart and they are capable of teaching themselves new things. There are many species of chimpanzees, but they all share the same characteristics.

Pet Monkey Breeds - Capuchin

Capuchin Monkey

The Capuchin monkey is one of the most popular pet monkey breeds in the world. It is known for its intelligence, dexterity, and social skills. They are also very adaptable to living in a human environment. This makes them perfect pets.

They can live in a cage, as long as they have sufficient space to move around. They are also very friendly and easily get along with people. They can be trained very easily, and they make excellent companions. They are also very playful and full of energy. You can also take care of them at home, as they do not require a lot of space.

Pet Monkey Breeds - Squirrel

Squirrel Monkey

The Squirrel Monkey is one of the smallest monkey species, that are highly intelligent and live in the forests of Central and South America. They are usually kept as pets, and make excellent companions. These monkeys are social creatures, that love to play and interact with their owners. They are very playful and love to swing from trees, jump and climb. They also enjoy playing with different toys, such as balls, sticks, ropes, and other objects.

Pet Monkey Breeds - Spider

Spider Monkey

Spider Monkeys are popular as pets, with many of them available in pet shops and online. They are very friendly and are known to be very playful. They can also be taught to perform tricks. Some even learn how to speak like humans. They have a lifespan of around 30 years, which is too bad compared to other monkeys, and their average weight is about 1.5 to 2 kg.

Pet Monkey Breeds - Marmoset

Marmoset Monkey

Marmoset is a type of monkey that is very popular as a pet. Marmosets are known for their intelligence, playfulness, and curiosity. They are also known for their unique facial features. Marmosets are also known for their ability to communicate through vocalization. They are also known for their physical features like high cheeks, long tails, and long limbs. Marmosets are also known for their facial features like small noses, big eyes, round ears.

Guenon Monkey

The Guenon Monkey is a type of monkey native to the rainforests of Africa. The species is named after the French colonialist who first described it. The Guenon Monkey is also known as the Mandrill, which is another name for this species. The Guenon Monkey has a tail that can be more than one meter long, and its body is covered in dark fur. The fur is brown or black in color.

They are not only fun to play with but also very playful. Their intelligence is such that they can learn a lot of tricks. These monkeys are very active and are very playful, which makes them excellent pets for children. These monkeys are also known as Pygmy Guenon Monkeys.

Pet Monkey Breeds - tamarin

Tamarin Monkey

The tamarin monkey is a small monkey native to the Amazon Rainforest. It is the smallest of all monkeys and is also known as the “Giant Monkey”. It can be found in the wild in parts of South America, from southern Brazil to northern Argentina.

The tamarin monkey has a long, furry tail that it uses to grasp branches and move around. It also has a very long, thick tail that it uses as a blanket when sleeping. The tamarin monkey is a popular pet because of its long life span, which is around 20 years. They are easy to maintain and can be trained to use a toilet. Tamarin monkeys are also good with children.

Pet Monkey Breeds - Macaque

Macaque Monkey

Macaque monkeys are the most intelligent and social of all the monkeys. They have a similar temperament to humans and are very intelligent. These monkeys live in groups of up to 60 individuals and can be taught how to use sign language. They are also very curious, which means they will spend a lot of time investigating anything new that comes into their enclosure. Macaque monkeys can be very noisy, especially when there is a lot of activity in their enclosure.

Pet Monkey Breeds - Tarsier

Tarsier Monkey

Tarsier Monkey is one of the most intelligent monkey species, and it can be kept as a pet. It is one of the most endangered species of monkey, and it can be kept as a pet. Tarsier Monkey is a small monkey, with a body length of 8 to 10 inches and a weight of around 6 ounces. It has large eyes, which give it an eerie appearance. It has very long arms, which are used for swinging through the trees. The color of its body is brown, with white patches on its head and hands.

Pet Monkey Breeds - Gorilla


The Gorilla Monkey is one of the most popular and exotic pets. They are very active and playful and are often used in zoos or amusement parks. Gorilla Monkeys are intelligent, social, and energetic. They are also known to be very affectionate and gentle. They can live up to 25 years in captivity. Their bodies are covered with hair, which can be reddish-brown or black in color. They have thick fur on their head and back. The most distinguishing feature of a gorilla is its massive forehead.


Pet monkeys are becoming increasingly popular as more people decide to adopt them. If you’re considering adding a monkey to your family, we’ve outlined some of the best pet monkey breeds in this blog post. Take a look at our list and see if any of these fit your needs!

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