Marmoset Monkey for sale , How to purchase a Marmoset or Marmosets Finger Monkeys For Sale from HAPPY MONKEYS First, research our website to learn about Marmoset care and ownership. Ask questions! Then, establish or find a vet who is experienced in their care Sign up for baby alerts and watch for babies to be posted here Baby Marmosets are extremely limited! Buying a Marmoset Monkey If you are serious about buying a marmoset monkey start here for straightforward information. Where to buy a marmoset monkey? You want to buy a marmoset monkey from a breeder,  once the baby is fully weaned and with everything you need to get started. HAPPY MONKEYS Exotics has raised dozens of baby marmosets and sold them to many different types of homes and other animal places. With all of our years with them, we believe we offer the best marmoset baby buying experience to ensure you will be successful with your new family member.   Marmoset monkey for sale

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Marmoset monkey

Why is Happy Monkeys  the best place to buy a marmoset monkey? HAPPY MONKEYS is the best place to buy a marmoset because we understand what is needed and we will do everything to make you succeed with your baby.   Do not buy a monkey without understanding the breed and happy monkeys is the best place for you to get a monkey with finances available and monkey health care services .   We do not let our babies go before they have reached all important milestones. We spend weeks training and developing our babies into socially and physically healthy marmosets. Many breeders sell their babies much too early, affecting their behavior which can lead to frustration as the marmosets become adults. I have seen this happen many times. Marmoset for sale 2022  

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Baby Marmoset Monkey for sale

At HAPPY MONKEYS we breed a small number of babies each year to ensure proper care for the parents and any offspring that are born. We keep our number extremely low because marmosets take so much time and special care. We have other animal species to tend to so we do not want to be overwhelmed and miss out on important needs that each marmoset monkey requires.   keep smiling with your dream monkey What comes with the marmoset monkey? HAPPY MONKEYS supplies everything you will need for your marmoset for the first month. This includes a cage, food, treats, and all supplies needed. Items required from the new home will include things like scent blankies and fresh fruit.   What age do marmosets get adopted out at? Short answer- It depends on the marmoset monkey for sale . We have special milestones that our babies must reach before leaving, and the go-home age ranges from 8 weeks to 6 months.   Be careful getting a baby too young, they require specialized care and hand-feedings that can be fatal if not done by a professional.

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HAPPY MONKEYS does not sell unweaned babies.   What is the buying experience like? Once we have a baby born we begin our specialized hand-raising process. During milestones, we assess to see what the particular personality and habits are of the individual baby. If we decide to place it in another home we will post it for sale on our website. Buy a marmoset monkey for sale now from……. Once we have a deposit placed then we work very closely with the new family for preparation and delivery or pickup if necessary. At delivery , you get to meet your baby and take them home. We have all supplies ready to go and we spend time going over care and instructions. Once you feel comfortable with your new baby you can take them home 🙂 We are very active with our past buyers and are available for any questions after you get home- call us don’t go on Google!      

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Best breeders aware for a marmoset

How do I know if a marmoset is right for me? Marmoset monkey for sale are cute, but they are not for everyone or every household. Many households change culture, habits, schedules, and more when bringing a new marmoset home. I normally talk prospective owners out of a marmoset because of their particulars. Several factors make owning a marmoset harder than normal. First is children in the home. A marmoset is an adult’s pet, they are not for children to play with or be around. Marmies are small, delicate, and can be very quick. Marmosets recognize that children are smaller and will behave differently around them, babies can seem playful but an adult marmoset will become aggressive towards children. Marmies get anxious when children are being kids, running screaming and causing disturbances. This is not a good environment for marmosets.They thrive in quiet households that are routine and have one or two regular adults living in the home. Obedience and training are a huge part of bonding with your marmie, if you are gone all day long for work you will lose out on important time, this will cause behavior issues if you want a monkey to be very interactive with you. A baby marmoset for sale requires a day similar to a toddlers, they wake up and eat thier breakfast. Followed by morning cleaning, morning walk and socialization. Lunch is given and then nap time. After nap it’s more socializing, playtime and then alone time before dinner. After dinner they get tucked into bed for sleep.

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Pet Marmoset Monkey Care and Facts ​ Average Lifespan: You can expect a healthy marmoset monkey in captivity to live 15 to 20 years. ​

Marmoset Monkeys for sale – The Basics in Pet care Pet Marmoset Monkey Care and Facts Average Lifespan: You can expect a healthy marmoset monkey in captivity to live 15 to 20 years. Diet: Marmosets eat commercial-based marmoset food, fruits & vegetables, healthy variations of insects, grains, and supplements. Food is available from specialized places online. Fresh produce can come from your grocery store. Size at Adulthood: Under a pound and the size of a barbie doll. Living with a Marmoset When hand-raised from infancy, marmosets can make fun and enjoyable pets for the right household. They have the cutest faces and have huge personalities even as babies. Keeping them loose in the house during the day after you have trained them is a very good option as long as you have marmie-proofed your house. Baby marmoset monkey for sale

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Need your attention?

They will want your attention and do silly things to make sure you are watching. Marmoset monkey for sale are a member of the primate family and are one of the smallest monkeys. Their urine has a strong odor, and some people will use special monkey diapers. They scent their areas by rubbing their perineum over everything: toys, food dishes, bedding, stuffed animals, furniture, rugs and caging. They are intelligent and need stimulation. Interaction can be supplemented with toys, but if a marmoset is kept as a pet by itself, it will rely on the human family to become its family group. Get a baby marmoset monkey for sale now.

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Happpy and ready to be loved

Marmoset monkeys for sale . Monkeys cannot be expected to be “well-behaved”. Monkeys are happy only when they can fulfill their social and emotional needs. They need other social animals like them, they need to feel loved and protected and generally long for genuine affection. It is a mistake to think of them as cats, dogs or hamsters. Monkeys have complex emotional needs, a high level of intelligence and are likely to live a long life. ​ Vet care is very important and they need to have an experienced vet on hand in case of illness. This is NOT an impulse buy animal. Screening process is significant for any primates. They cannot be left in a cage alone for extended periods of time they require a lot of attention and care Marmoset monkey for sale . Baby Marmoset monkey for sale are very susceptible to viruses, colds, flus, and cold sores all of which can be fatal. They should not be exposed to a lot of people for this reason, you should not take them out in public. Once they reach sexual maturity they change drastically. Typically only like the 1 or 2 people that raised them as a baby. They do not do well with strangers and get territorial or will attack a stranger or child. Get a baby marmoset monkey for sale now !!!

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Cost of keeping a Marmoset

They are small but have sharp teeth and can cause significant injury. Costs for keeping a Pet Marmoset: Canned Marmoset Diet………………………$3/Month Cage…………………………………………………..$100-$300 Hammocks…………………………………………$20-$40 Fresh foods and Supplements……………$20/Month Diaper and covers……………………………..$5-$20 Clothing…………………………………………….$5-$20 Toys…………………………………..………….……$5-$10 Preparing for your Marmoset: Before you bring your marmie home, you should have its designated area ready and have all food ordered and prepared. Marmoset food almost always has to be ordered online so you should have all of their food and ready by the time you get them. Marmoset monkey for sale Clear your schedule and be prepared to spend several hours per day the first few weeks to get accustomed to your marmie and let them get comfortable with you. Remember to locate a vet experienced with exotics and that is willing to see your baby BEFORE you get your baby. Have your vet give a general examination and let them get familiar with you and your baby in case of an emergency or routine visits in the future. You should take your baby in yearly for annual checkups. Marmoset

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MOnkey FAQs Do they require any vaccinations? No vaccines are needed however your Veterinarian may want to give vaccinations such as rabies or distemper. Please be sure they have experience with primate before they treat them. How are they with other pets? Playful with dogs and ferrets and will get along with most cats. Keep an eye for playful fighting as marmosets are very small and dogs can get carried away and may hurt them accidentally. Will my marmoset bond to only one person? Generally marmosets will bond with everyone in the house that handles it regularly. It is usually not severely agitated by strangers and may go to them freely. Some are shyer but not generally aggressive. Can I let my Marmoset run free in my home? Many Marmoset owners do not even have a cage for them to run around loose like a dog. I would recommend that you baby-proof your house. Provide a safe environment for them to run free. This can be done all day long. Marmoset monkey for sale at NOW!!!.


We are USDA-licensed breeders of tame marmosets for sale & tamarins!

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Waiting List InfoWe are not actively producing monkeys at this time. We are patiently waiting for our marmosets and tamarins to reach breeding age. Enter your information at the bottom of this page in order to join the contact list for Cotton-top tamarins (TX residents only), Red-handed tamarins, Common marmosets for sale , and Geoffrey marmosets.


We transport to all continental states – currently USA only. Click here for the shipping policy.

All of our marmoset for sale and tamarin babies are hand-raised, tamed, and on the bottle. These tiny monkeys, also known as finger monkeys, grow to weigh only 1 pound at maturity, so they are very delicate creatures and do not make good pets for children. The purchase of one of our babies come with a premium care package, travel carrier, vet exam, health certificate, and breeder support for the lifetime of the animal. Their care package includes a soft blanket, food, formula with syringe and Miracle Nipple (if applicable), and a Dragonstone Exotics backpack to carry all the supplies in. All monkey babies will receive a physical exam and health certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian before leaving our care.

ADOPTION PROCESS for Marmoset monkey for sale

Our marmoset for sale and tamarin babies sell out fast, and are typically presold. Contact us to add your name to our waiting list if you do not see any available baby. A $1000 nonrefundable deposit and an approved adoption application are required to reserve the monkey baby of your choice.



We do not recommend marmosets or tamarins as pets to children or inexperienced exotic animal owners. Do not apply for a monkey if you cannot handle a pet that bites (hard!). Only approved applicants who have done their research on this challenging exotic animal will be considered. We highly suggest all applicants to join the WhatsApp group to read about experiences from other owners to see if marmosets would be the right pet for you. We are, however, happy to answer any specific questions you may have once you have done some basic research.

IMPORTANT INFO for Marmoset Monkey for sale

TRANSPORT: We offer nationwide transport options for your convenience. Click here for the shipping policy with pricing info.

REQUIRED SUPPLIES: Click here to read the list of required supplies. Make sure to order your supplies well before your new baby arrives!

WAITING LIST: Click here for the current waiting list order for marmoset monkey for sale.

SPAYING & NEUTERING: Having your monkey spayed or neutered when they are old enough (around 6 months) will help them live a longer, healthier life, as it will protect them from certain cancers and diseases. Sterilizing your monkey will also help reduce aggressive and territorial behaviors get its done at happy monkeyss only on marmoset monkey for sale

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