How much does a monkey cost?

monkey cost


Almost all of us know what chimpanzees are and have an idea of how they behave after watching them on television or in zoos. They are animals that can behave wild many times, but they can do some adorable actions as well that we may have liked. Most of us must have also thought about adopting a monkey which must have made us think about “how much does a monkey cost?”

There are many aspects that you need to think about before purchasing or adopting an ape such as who will care for it in your absence and how will you create a safe and happy environment for it. You also must think about what you will feed the baboon. It is important as primates can be too much to handle in a house. To help you out with planning or deciding about this most of the information along with the price is given below.

monkey cost

Is it a one-time fee to bring a monkey home?

If you’re thinking “how much does a pet monkey cost,” here’s what you should know. in your mind, you should know that the prices of apes range from $4,000 to $8,000 and may even be higher depending on numerous criteria such as age, rarity, and temperament. For example, a Capuchin monkey cost ranges from $5,000 to $7,000. You will also have to spend around $10,000 on food, habitat, and other required essentials at the start.


While adopting a primate, do not expect anything to be free as it hardly happens. If someone is giving you a monkey for free, then either the primate is dangerous or something is wrong in the deal. When you spend money to get a baboon, it will be worth the money and safe for you as well as for the ape, which is why you must avoid searching for people giving primates for free.


You can adopt apes from conservation programs or organizations, and zoos that will sell you a chimpanzee at a lower price than a breeder. For a house owner, there are very few options as chimpanzees and other types, as such, may not behave well in a domestic house.


One of the ways to get a baboon is through a breeder. Most people do this, but private breeders usually sell them at an extremely high price as these private breeders are limited. These breeders sell apes to zoos and organizations, and they do not sell to individuals much.

Initial Setup and Supplies

Setting up a primate in your home will require various items like a cage, diapers, and creating a habitat for it, which can be expensive. A $1000 cage will be good enough, as a cage of a lesser price may be dangerous and unethical to keep in.

List of monkey care supplies and monkey cost

The list of care supplies and charges are:

Cage-$1000 to $3,500

Cage Items-$100 to $200

Beginning Vet Care-$200 or more


$50 for toys

monkey cost

How much does a monkey cost per month?

Every month, you will have to spend money on your baby, which may vary from month to month. The few things that you will have to spend on will be the food, cleaning the habitat, and other items like toys. Also, the amount depends on the type of primate you have. But on a monthly basis, owning a baboon can be expensive. You will have to be prepared to spend money for a long time, as apes can grow very old.

Health Care

An estimated figure would be $500 for health care or more than that. However, many veterinarians refuse to take primates as patients due to the fact that you will have to take them to an expert who will charge quite a huge amount for it, but you won’t have to go to the expert every month and the charges for health care and monkey cost will depend on the type of chimpanzee you have.


For a small one, the food items that you can get and give are fruits, protein, and vegetables. That will be about $100. For a bigger one, you will need to spend more as they eat around 40 pounds of food, which will cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.


Because most of the prices for grooming are inexpensive for a small ape, you need to bathe it with a mild soap. Bigger apes too are much better at grooming themselves, so grooming will not be much of an issue.

Medications and vet visits

The initial veterinarian visit will be about Rs. 200 or more, and the medications are quite expensive. Expect to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on medications and veterinary visits. It can be very difficult to find an ape specialist vet depending on where you live.

Additional Costs to Consider

There may be times when you won’t be at home to take care of the baboon, and you will have to pay someone else for it. In a domestic household, it is very challenging to take care of these, and it is a huge risk to adopt one as they cannot be tamed easily.

Owning a monkey on a budget

To ensure all the costs of a baby are taken care of and to know if you can afford it, you need to plan a budget and allot expenditures for it. It is not something that would be recommended as a lot of expenses have to be considered. It will require a lot of your money to keep the ape happy and to give it whatever it needs. That is hard to do on a tight budget.


To summarise it all, it is quite challenging and expensive to adopt a primate and take care of it, but if you feel like you can do it, then I have given you enough information on the monkey cost, such as grooming, food, the monthly expenditure on it, and the vet visits or medications that it will need. Think and plan well before you get a chimpanzee to avoid regretting it later or ending up being unable to care for it.

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