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Adopt a Monkey USA

Give the wonderful monkeys at Happy Monkeys a brighter future through our adoption program! We have a group of very special monkeys who need your support and represent all the monkeys at the sanctuary. you can help provide food, care, and individual attention to these monkeys and their friends who so deserve a second chance.

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Adopt A Monkey

In addition to knowing you are helping these intelligent and sensitive animals, you will receive an adoption package that includes a photo of the monkey you are sponsoring along with his or her biography, a certificate of adoption, our newest plush toy, and updates about the monkeys! These adoptions also make great gifts!

We do not put our monkeys on display for the public, so we do not receive entrance fees. Funding for our sanctuary comes from the generosity of compassionate supporters like you.

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Animal Adoptions

Happy Monkeys adoptions are a wonderful way to help animals… and they also make great gifts! Choose an adorable monkey from our sanctuary or help entire species by symbolically adopting an animal Happy Monkeys USA is protecting. Select the animal you would like to adopt below to get started!

Deforestation and the bush meat trade threaten primate species worldwide, leading to forty three species now considered to be Critically Endangered. The primate pet trade is also a huge problem causing suffering and neglect, with about 5,000 privately owned primates in the USA alone.

The Gift of Sanctuary

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Alleviate the suffering of primates wherever it occurs

Help our charity, Wild Futures, protect primates in the UK and abroad by adopting a monkey today.

Adopt A Monkey USA

Our vision is a co-existent future where humans no longer exploit wild animals.

We work to ensure that all wild animals, whether living in captivity or in the wild, are treated with compassion and respect and are able to live their lives according to their needs.

You take on a great responsibility when you adopt a baby monkey. Being the guardian can be difficult, costly and time-consuming. However, monkeys can be very affectionate and loyal companions for 15 to 20 years when raised properly.

You must comply with several laws and ordinances should you choose one of these pets. Start with your state law, move onto county law and end with the local, city ordinances. Where you live can greatly impact your ability to adopt a baby monkey.

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Call the your state’s department that handles fish, wildlife and game. Ask for the enforcement officer. Ask where to find your state’s animal ordinance. Keep the request simple and avoid mentioning that you want to adopt a baby monkey. You will want to read the ordinance yourself, as these laws are easily misread.

Adopt A Monkey USA

Review your county’s laws. Most counties have an animal control office. Ask where to find your county’s animal ordinance. Again, keep the questions simple and read the laws yourself.

Review the list of prohibited species in the laws to see if all or any primates are banned. Sometimes monkeys will be permitted while higher primates, such as apes, are not.

How to Research the Laws Regarding Monkeys as Pets

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How to Research the Laws Regarding Monkeys as Pets. Because monkeys are wild animals, most states have regulations and laws regarding pet monkey ownership. Before you consider getting a monkey as a pet you should research the laws of your area regarding monkeys as pets. Double-check the laws of your area frequently. Laws can change without warning. Read on to learn more.

Research State Laws Regarding Monkeys as Pets

Apply for a permit to own a monkey if you live in Delaware, Idaho, Michigan, Oklahoma, Oregon or South Dakota. All of these states require that you apply for a permit before you purchase a monkey.

Pay a fee to own a pet monkey legally in Nevada. Typically, no permit is required, but remember to check with county and city requirements.

Check with the Department of Wildlife in certain states before purchasing a monkey. Alaska, Arizona, Indiana, Mississippi and Tennessee ban some monkey breeds, but allow ownership of others.

Apply for an importation permit to bring monkeys as pets into New Mexico.

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Read that 19 states currently have absolute bans on ownership, sales and importation of pet monkeys. California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont and Wyoming all ban private monkey ownership.

Adopt A Monkey USA

Read California’s Wild Animal code to find that owning, importing and possessing monkeys is illegal in the entire state. Exceptions are only granted to zoos, museums and universities after a hearing and issuance of a permit.

Get bonded to own a monkey in Hawaii. Bonding requires a background check and a credit check to ensure that you could pay any fines levied against you.

Feel free to purchase or sell monkeys as pets in Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, South Carolina, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin. These states currently have no restrictions on monkeys as pets.

Find out if your city’s zoning laws allow you to keep a monkey on your property. You may run into a stumbling block here. The city may not ban monkeys, but they may regulate where you can keep them in the city. For example, you may keep the monkey only on land deemed “agricultural.

Adopt A Monkey USA

In some states, such as Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island, you’ll need to apply for a special permit before buying any type of primate or other type of wild or potentially dangerous animal. Permits must be obtained from the state Department of Agriculture and can be difficult and lengthy to process. Applying for a permit is no guarantee that you’ll get it.

Find out if you’ll need to comply with a home owner’s ordinance in your city.

Get the proper licenses for the laws that pertain to you.

Purchase the monkey from Happy Monkeys online.

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