Happy Monkeys

Over half of all primate species are now threatened with extinction, yet primates are essential to the health of the forests in which they live. These are the same forests that protect the planet from the effects of climate change – their future is our future.

Happy Monkey Day Friday! 12/14/18 - The Badgers Den - Graphic Design Forum

We’re an animal charity that’s passionate about wild animal welfare and Compassionate Conservation. we work tirelessly to stop the exploitation and suffering of individual animals living in captivity or in the wild.

About Us

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is a co-existent future where humans no longer exploit wild animals.

We work to ensure that all wild animals, whether living in captivity or in the wild, are treated with compassion and respect and are able to live their lives according to their needs.

Our Purpose

As a leading wildlife charity, we oppose the exploitation of wild animals in captivity and campaign to keep them where they belong – in the wild.

We promote Compassionate Conservation to enhance the survival of threatened species in the wild and protect natural habitats while respecting the needs and safeguarding the welfare of individual animals.

We seek to have a positive impact on animals in the wild and protect their ecosystems in perpetuity, for their own intrinsic value and for the critical roles they play within the natural world.

From the start, we’ve campaigned for a future where animals and people can co-exist and where threatened and endangered species are protected for generations to come. 

For the science geek in everyone, Happy Monkeys breaks down the stories behind the most interesting news and photos on the Internet concerning our love for primates and other monkeyss breed , while also digging up fascinating discoveries that hit on a broad range of fields, from primates and archaeology to wacky physics and astronomy to health and human behavior. If you want to learn something interesting every day, Happy Monkeyss is the place for you.. 

Happy Monkeys is a registered charity founded upon five decades of experience as a leader in the field of primate welfare and conservation, environmental education and sustainable practice. We are committed to protecting primates and habitats worldwide, with the protection of non-human primates at the forefront of our work.

Our safe haven for monkeys rescued from situations of abuse and neglect is The Monkey Sanctuary in Cornwall, which has an international reputation for levels of care and innovative management techniques. We work closely with other organizations to lobby local and central government to bring about positive change for primates.

We also support projects overseas with funding, practical assistance and advice and believe that education is vital in changing things for the better; educating more than 30,000 visitors and students on our work each year.

Our charity receives no government funding, so financial support is vital to allow us to continue our important work only at https://happymonkeyss.com.