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Adoptions enables us to create additional reserves and a safe haven for the many primates whose lives are still in danger around the world. Happy Monkeyss is a 65 acre sanctuary with over 250 primates. We are a philanthropic organisation who, with the support of the public, can rescue and rehabilitate primates from all over the world. Your adoption/donation money goes into a 100% fund, which is used solely for the rescue and rehabilitation of primates. Are you mad about monkeys or do you know someone who is? Then why not become a Happy Monkeyss adopter and help our animal care and conservation programmes? Sponsor a monkey today! .

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Good temperaments, potty and litter trained. Trained and raised by experienced and passionate raisers. 

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These monkeys are fully registered and come with their registration and Vet papeers.

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Our Capuchin and Pig-tailed monkeys are the best of it kind as we are more than care with selection and care we also have the best breed of Pet monkey for sale.

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Home raised alongside our Children and other Pets. These makes them perfect exotic and social support pets.

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At Happy Monkeys, We breed the best of Capuchin and Pigtail Monkeys with distinguished characteristics and temperament. Raised in our home with other Pets and our kids makes them perfect exotic pets. This is just a sampling of the characteristics and behaviors we encounter every day. 

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The monkey life isn’t without its ups, downs. Monkeys are like us. They can have strong friendships and bitter rivalries. They care for each other and support one another. If a leader of a monkey organization is removed, even he will display signs of depression. When we observe their behavior, it is easy to see how their emotions are similar to ours.

Friends and Enemies

Monkeys are social animals with complex social systems. They have individual relationships with one another. Monkeys are able to recall their past interactions and form new relationships when they meet. If they are placed in the wrong part of the jungle, old rivals can be treated with anger. These fights can lead to death.

Monkeys can also recall the kindness of a friend. Grooming is an example in affection and respect. If you are in a fight with a monkey, one that you have made a friend is more likely to be there to help you or to clean up after you.

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We offer Free Home delivery services via our carrier throughout USA.

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We have been partners for more than a decade and we are still counting.

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Healthy Heart and  good temperament.

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Children friendly and social. All our pets are not aggressive.